The College Heights Seventh-day Adventist Church is blessed with a diverse team of staff. To get to know each member of the team a little better, click on their photo below.

Lead Pastor
Nurture Pastor

1. Tell us a little bit about your family.

I’m the youngest and only girl to one true-blue brother and four great step-brothers. I am also auntie to the greatest person on the planet, my niece Raquel. I also have incredible parents who still spoil me a little and encourage me a lot with their prayers and support. I was born in the beautiful country of Nicaragua, but for the last 26 years have claimed Saskatoon, Saskatchewan as my home town. JR and I married in September 2014.

2. What are some of your personal interests and/or hobbies?

I am a fan of theatre and plays, it meets the unanswered calling to the performance arts that I may have toyed with in my childhood. I love the energy and skill that it takes to do that kind of performance and always enjoy being part of the audience. I dabble with writing, and when I don’t have to write book reports, I really enjoy reading. If I could travel the world, I would, but that might have to wait till I marry rich.

3. What is one of your favourite books outside of the Bible and EGW? Why?

The Secret Garden was one of the first novels I discovered and fostered in me a love of reading. To Kill a Mockingbird is also right up there on the list.

4. If you had a couple weeks free to visit any place in the world with the cost covered, where would you go and what would you do while there?

London. Plays. Shop. Drink tea. Take a million selfies. Shop.

5. Tell us about your call to ministry. What brought you to where you are today?

It happened when I was 16 years old and sitting in an evangelistic meeting; I felt with full certainty that sharing God with people would be what I spend my life doing. I was surrounded by people who believed in me and gave me opportunities to lead, speak and serve. I may have toyed with other professions in terms of a career, but ministry is my calling and life purpose.

6. What is your favourite aspect of ministry?

Aspect or Aspects?
Aspects it is…

  • One on one Bible studies with people and watching them learn about the life changing love of Jesus and apply it to their personal lives.
  • Sharing a vision with my church family and watching them get excited about it, take ownership of it and make it a part of their lives.
  • Working in a team and becoming a better pastor because I see how passionately my colleagues serve.
  • And… the moment in the church lobby where a three year old recognizes me and yells out “Pastor Massiel!” as they throw their hands up for a hug.

7. What is one life experience that has helped shape your faith?

Witnessing my parents be real about their own experience with Jesus and how they grew as followers of Jesus was formative for me. It taught me wordlessly that all of us are on a journey, are growing and learning, and though we make mistakes, we are still becoming more like Him.

8. What is one goal or dream you have for the College Heights Church?

I dream of inter-generational community for our church. We have the unique opportunity to have vast representation from every generation, and I believe to be the best reflection of community is to lean on and learn from one another. We are better together. Together we can tell a richer and deeper story of Jesus on the hilltop.

Youth Pastor & CHCS Chaplain
Burman Chaplain
PAA Chaplain & Burman Assistant Chaplain
Lay Pastor, Visitation